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What is UltraTrac actually doing

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  • What is UltraTrac actually doing

    I am trying to figure out what the UltraTrac setting on my relatively new FR935 does so that I can decide whether or not to use it on a long hike coming up. I see that some discussions indicate it uses sensors to infer position while other indicate it is just spacing out the GPS readings.

    I did a couple of tests with UltraTrac versus normal GPS on the FR935. The attached image shows the GPS and UltraTrac results for the same routes.

    When I did a short loop walk in a field that had some turns (left images), the UltraTrac mode had the on-screen GPS marker all over the place. At points when I wasn't walking, the marker just jumped. Other times when I did a u-turm, the marker kept going in the original direction but eventually jumped back. These two behaviors (to me) imply the watch is using sensors in between very sparse GPS measurements. I could not figure out the GPS sampling rate. Distances were off quite a bit, but the route was not very long either. Note that this was a leisurely walk with dogs. So, my hand movements were not necessarily like an exercise-based walk.

    When I went for a longer walk along a fairly straight path, the two routes appeared very similar (right images). The distances were off about 0.25 mile over 1.5 miles, which I do think is significant. However, I guess if I am only interested in tracking where I hike and not necessarily the distance, then perhaps UltraTrac will work. Unlike the walk above, this was more of an exercise-based walk where my hands were moving in a fairly repetitive manner. Perhaps hand motions impact the readings.
    GSP versus UltraTrac on FR935

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    I stopped using UltraTrac as the results are way to bad.

    Even in open areas without trees it was not better.
    We were on a hike yesterday about 4 hours. Attached is the GPS-Track which looks real wired. I used Ultratrack - is this the normal outcome of Ultratrack?