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  • API to retrieve logged points


    According to, send points and tracked points are treated very differently. Sent points are sent to MapShare and thus can be retrieved through the share KML feed. But so far, it looks like the only way to get the logged points, is through the Web UI and the export function. Is there any API that offers to download a KML with both Logged and Sent points ? I don't really understand the benefits of logged points otherwise.

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    I tried to convert a track with logged points to a new route and it finally shows up on Web MapShare, but NOT in the KML feed. Does this mean we can't get logged points in the KML feed? Is there a better way of sending logged points to MapShare? Am i missing something ? Is there any official support for these APIs I could get in touch with ?
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      I have no idea about the KML feed or the API. However, logged points DO show up on MapShare after a sync. No action other than a sync should be required. I expect that they are subject to the same visibility constraints as sent points (by collection) on MapShare.

      With the introduction of collections, this is more complicated to control. See this post for details.
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