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Overall, fairly disappointed with Garmin the company / Explorer+ / admin portal / documentation

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  • Overall, fairly disappointed with Garmin the company / Explorer+ / admin portal / documentation

    I'm using 10 Inreach Explorer+ devices on the basic plan, moving over from using Spots. I have to say, now that I've been through the device, garmin's documentation, and the admin panel to set up professional plans on my first foray with these devices... impressed I am not. A few nitpicks I'd like to throw out there for anyone from Garmin who reads these forums...

    Your documentation is horrendous. Couple that with the not-exactly-intuitive admin panel and there are a whole lot of questions unable to be self-answered efficiently. A bit surprised a single 'tracking point' costs $.10 after coming from the Spot where you get the same basic function as part of the plan... which costs a fraction of the garmin plan. The admin panel and plans sold as the solution for businesses forces me to consider each device as being used by a single user... which ours are not, we have a team of four per device. There is no consideration for businesses having and using a device for a team. you basically have to hack around the admin panel and give up/ignore certain features in this situation. Emailing support [email protected] with questions is a dead end with the first response to specific questions comprised of a handful of links to the garmin website, upon being pressed to respond to the questions asked I was advised to contact [email protected] instead, which I did. Amazingly the same person responded, this time politely stating he is unaware how to advise on professional plans/accounts... lol. That was weeks ago. All-in-all the feeling is that Garmin comes off as a a startup trying to figure out how to tie their shoes before the race, not a finely tuned professional company. The devices themselves might be decent, but all that surround them is not. The market is small and options are limited... if that were not the case I would simply find another vendor. End rant::

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    I can't speak to the current professional plan situation. However, even in the DeLorme days, the device could only be assigned to one "person" at a time. This is because things like emergency contacts are tied to the "person". The assumption is that it's a safety device, so the emergency contact information (as well as other data like general contacts) should also be tied to the assignment. Even for things like SAR team use, this seems reasonable.

    Out of curiosity, in your environment, is there a problem with creating one fictional "person" per team, setting up appropriate generic contacts for the team, and assigning it that way?
    -- Tom
    inReach SE, inReach Explorer, PN-60WSE, Colorado 400t, Nuvi 2555LMT