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Tracks not shown on Mapshare maps

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    Originally posted by mebeggs View Post
    I had the same issue with my new Garmin inReach SE+ and was getting frustrated.

    The dropbox file above isn't available anymore, but thanks to the hint by RawwrBag, I figured it out.

    Here's the steps I took:
    1. go to your account under and click on the MAP tab.
    2. under LIBRARY in the left panel, click on one of the right arrows beside Waypoints, Routes, or Tracks to expand the LIBRARY section.
    3. there are 3 icons to the right of the LIBRARY section title - a capital "M", a sync icon, and an eyeball icon to toggle map visibility for collection. This is the confusing part. The "M" icon is to toggle MAPSHARE visibility of collections on, and the eyeball is used to toggle visibility on the map only within
    4. click on the "M" icon and it will warn you that you're making things public. accept that and then click on the "M" icon again. It will allow you to choose which collections (if any) including the root "Library". Put a checkmark next to Library, and then click save. Now if you go over to your site, you should be able to see any tracks in your library. (may need to refresh the page)

    Thanks this works for me as well, I have had 3 trips missed by people because they could not see me on the map, emailed Garmin support and haven't had any response yet, they need to lift their game when it comes to customer support this is a well paid service


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      P_Kind could you possibly make your PDF guide available again? Many thanks!

      -- Pete