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Tracking route without uploading via satelline

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  • Tracking route without uploading via satelline

    Hello folks,

    I just purchased the inReach Explorer and I would like some clarification on Tracking and also the billing aspects. I purchased the Freedom Safety Plan, but now I'm wondering if I should have gotten the second level plan, or if I'm good as is.

    The primary use of the unit will be while riding motorcycles through the woods, most often where there is no cellphone reception and for basic GPS tracking during deer hunting season. At the end of the day, I need to be able to text my wife that everything is good when/if I have no cell reception. The Explorer seemed to be the perfect fit.

    I currently use an E-Trex 20, and my goal was to use the inReach for exactly the same purpose, without sending all sorts of tracking points costing me a fortune. I only will use the regular messaging/SOS in case of emergency. I do not want to share tracking points, upload tracking points or anything of the sort to social media or anything of that nature.

    After reading stuff online and talking to the REI sales person, I expect that the inReach would function exactly like a traditional handheld GPS, with the emergency capabilities. To this effect it looks like that I would just turn the "Send Interval" to "Off" and then I can set the "Log Interval" to whatever I want for suitable resolution. Please correct me if I am wrong on this.

    As for messaging, the plan allows for "Free Preset Messages". Are these free limited to the 3 presets (which I can acceptably edit), or also include the quick text messages which are also set up on the website.


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    You have it mostly right. Just a couple of clarifications.

    I am a little unclear about how you expect to use "basic GPS tracking during deer hunting season". You have the correct understanding of the distinction between sent and logged track points. The only thing that might need clarification is that the logged track points will only show up on your inReach - nowhere else. At least until you sync with the web site. That can occur either via a wired sync at a PC or via an OTA sync if the unit is paired with a phone running the Earthmate app and there is cell reception.

    Only preset messages are actually free in every plan. Quick text messages are charged normally. Note that preset messages have assigned addressees which cannot be changed from the inReach device. That is, preset messages always go to the recipients you define on the web site and nowhere else.
    -- Tom
    inReach SE, inReach Explorer, PN-60WSE, Colorado 400t, Nuvi 2555LMT