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Have switched to the wrong subscription - help

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  • Have switched to the wrong subscription - help

    Hi Guys,

    I originally signed up for the freedom plans as I only use the device periodically. The last time I reactivated the plan, which was last week I seem to have switched on to the contract plan by mistake. I wrote to Garmin [email protected] but had no reply.

    Could anyone tell me what I could do to resolve, as its asking me for a $200 payment to cancel the plan. Am based in Sydney Australia. Account: AUD558271



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    Call product support.
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      Had a difficult time finding the support numbers for Australia, but did find this page.

      Please don't post personal information like your account ID. The forums are public. Garmin employees sometimes read the forums, and even post occasionally. But the forums are mostly peer-to-peer. When you need to interact with Garmin, you do need to contact them directly as Sussamb suggests.
      -- Tom
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        Thanks guys, appreciate the advice


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          Spoke to them, they have reverted my plan back to freedom plans at no cost. That's good.

          I am still confused about the billing - I understood from earlier that tracking itself does not cost extra. I seem to have been charged for "tracking' at units 13 or 18 periodically. Is this when someone is using the tracking website to 'track me'? Is there a way to stop people from tracking me and only seeing my movements being automatically tracked?

          Would appreciate any help, thanks!


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            Cost of a track point depends on your plan. For the Safety plan, track points are 10 cents each in the US. Not sure about Australia. For other US plans, unlimited track points are included. It doesn't matter why the track points were sent.

            I am not aware of any way in which others can initiate tracking on the device. Depending on your settings, MapShare users may be able to send messages to the unit (which would be charged against any message allowance on your selected plan). They may also be able to send a locate request. I don't remember for sure, but I believe a locate is also charged as single message. You can control permissions for MapShare users from your account at Social tab, MapShare Settings button. If you change any options, be sure to click the Save Changes button in the pop-up.
            -- Tom
            inReach SE, inReach Explorer, PN-60WSE, Colorado 400t, Nuvi 2555LMT