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Inreach in Thailand question

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  • Inreach in Thailand question

    Inreach to bring and use in Thailand - is it legal?

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    I'll explain more the issue. I came to travel in Thailand in difficult wild terrain. I know that in Thailand restricted the importation of radio and telecommunication equipment. A very recent case, Russian tourists almost got jailed for using radios walkie-talkie. (sorry, video in russian) I couldn't find the rules explicitly deny or explicitly allow the use in Thailand of satellite phones or trackers. I'm afraid of problems arise at customs upon entry to the Kingdom, because radio and telecommunication equipment is a very broad sense. On Thai forums write that you can be planted by importing of 1m of coaxial cable.


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      I would suggest you present that question to the Thai customs. This forum would not be the definitive legal definition of what is or is not allowed.


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        Yes, I always agree with TotemLake.

        OTOH, it could get worse. In some places authorities will confiscate items that are legal to have in hopes of getting paid a tip right there for returning them.