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    Please clear up something for this new Inreach user. When you turn on Tracking is there suppose to me a text message sent to a friends cell phone every 10 mins? I can sent text messages from my Inreach but I thought Tracking sends your location to Friends cell phones according to the Send Interval you set up. Am I missing something"

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    When you turn tracking on your inReach sends a track point to the deLorme servers. These track points are visible on your account map page and are also visible on your mapshare page. Your mapshare page should be accessible at:"your username" Your mapshare page is where your friends can see your tracking information. They can view this web page anytime they want to see your track info.

    You can also manually send a message to your friend's cell phone but this must be done manually, no automatic messages.

    Does this help?
    I use the Android Earthmate app on a Nexus 6P with my inReach. I also use Windows 10.


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      Just a couple of clarifications. I think the redirects from the DeLorme URLs are still working. But the current URLs use "garmin" rather than "delorme".

      You must enable MapShare in order for it to work. You do that from the Social tab on your inReach account at MapShare is enabled via the button in the upper left quadrant of the Social tab. You can also see your assigned MapShare URL here.

      You can set various sharing options via the Options button in the upper right corner. That opens a pop-up window. If you make changes to the options, do not forget to click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the options pop-up window. You should at least visit the options page for a better understanding of how sharing works.

      When you start tracking, you will be given the option to "share" with your friends. If you choose to do this, it will send a single message to the addresses you specify. The message will include your MapShare URL. This makes it easy for those who receive the message to access the track on MapShare.
      -- Tom
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