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S60 Battery life

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  • S60 Battery life


    I've been using my S60 for over a year with no issues, however came to put it on to play yesterday and battery was at critical level which was very unusual because i charged it in the week. So i charged it fully during yesterday afternoon and then unplugged it. Went to put the watch on today and again the battery was at critical level...

    I haven't - as far as I'm aware - downloaded anything or in fact even touched it between it working fine and then the battery having issues.

    Im currently using v6.10, and apparently it is up to date.

    Any one have any thoughts on what might be the issue?


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    Have you tried contacting Garmin support? Batteries can go bad in any device. Not sure with the S60 but with most devices Garmin offers out of warranty replacements for pretty low price. They may even be willing to still cover it under warranty.


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      I had this issue some weeks ago, a restart helped here.


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        I had the same problem, a reset to factory settings sorted the problem and battery life has been good since.