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Approach CT10 and S60 not allowing Putter to be added

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  • Approach CT10 and S60 not allowing Putter to be added

    My S60 will not allow me to pair my Putter and Lob Wedge - all other clubs have been paired and are working.
    I have set up all my clubs in Gamin Connect under the "Gear" option, however my Putter and Lob Wedge does not sync across to my S60.
    In addition there is not option to "add new Sensor" on my S60 even though only 12 clubs are paired.

    Have anyone else experienced this ?

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    I have just done this yesterday, I had no problem adding putter and lob wedge to my S60.


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      I have had the same problem. Except that only my putter doesn't show on the list of available clubs. the response from garmin support did not help.

      they basically said delete everything and start over but begin with the putter. I then had to restore to default and try again. Still no putter on the list.


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        I had same issue, go into your garmin connect on web, there you can select golf gear, in this section you can add a putter to your golf gear. Once you have done this sync your watch, then your putter should be there when pairing with ct10
        in this golf gear section you can add clubs and put in details like make, model etc.


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          Thanks. That appears to have fixed my issue.