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2 new Bugs with 4.2 (menu button/ incorrect time)

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  • 2 new Bugs with 4.2 (menu button/ incorrect time)

    I just noticed two new bugs with the new firmware 4.2.

    1. When on the watch face and then pressing the menu button (middle one), for me no longer the menu list is shown, but rather the icons that go roud the watch (sync, bluetooth, etc.). After the menu is shown, the watch restarts after about 9 seconds. Even if I exit the menu before using the back button. The other menu options I can only acces when starting an acitvity and then pressing the settings button on screen.

    2. The watch does not show the correct time (it is behind for 1-2 hours). When entering the menu and exiting again, the correct time is shown again. Please refer to issue #1 to understand, that I at the moment do not have a watch that can show just the correct time...

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    Update: Tried Factory Resetting the Watch without pairing to phone. No Changes, the menu still crashes the watch.

    Now when trying to pair the phone pairing failed, the watch shut down and it is effecticely dead. When trying to restart, the blue triangle is briefly shown and nothing happens after.

    Come on, Garmin... I am really sad to have taken the Chance buying stuff from you again.


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      Update #2: I managed to revive the watch using Garmin Express after a number of tries. In the end it
      offered me to update courses which I did though did not think it would help. After that the watch started operating again. In the beginning garmin express did not even recognise the watch and suggested to load basecamp.

      I am able to reproduce the error that crashes the watch now. When starting an activity and waiting for the gps fix I press the middle button and the symbol menu shows. When not pressing an icon within 10 seconds the watch crashes. After restarting the watch faces and widgets are gone as are some steps in the counter (in one example it dropped from 14.000 to 13.500). But when I press an icon quickly the watch does not crash.

      Does es someone from Garmin read this? Luckily I have my laptop with me on vacation. Otherwise I would have had no chance to get the watch working again.


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        Update #3: well, the watch didn't last too long unfortunately. It just died a few minutes ago without any interaction on my part. Cannot revive it even by connecting to my laptop. It was fully charged this morning and I did not use it for any activity today. Worked fine all day as a watch and then from one moment to another the screen was blank.


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          I would suggest contacting Garmin support. While the software group seem to occasionally visit this forum, it is not a true Garmin support site. I had a problem with scorecards on a prior beta version and via chat they quickly determined that they had to replace my watch and they did so promptly.