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    Looking for some answers that I have not been able to find yet:

    1) How exactly does Auto Shot work?
    2) Do I need to have my cell phone paired with my s20 for Auto Shot to work?
    3) If so, do I need to have the phone on me while I am playing?
    4) In the iOS application, there is a download maps option - why does this exist if the maps are already loaded on the watch?
    5) Do I have to have any apps on my phone for scoring/statistics to work?
    6) What is the Garmin Golf app replacing from a functionality perspective?

    Would really appreciate some clarity - thanks.

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    1) Take a shot and walk to the ball; take a shot, etc
    2) No
    3) -
    4) After ending the round on the watch, and after you start GCM, the autoshot-recorded-shots are showed on the maps
    5) No, Just GCM and Garmin Golf
    6) nothing. It is a valuable analysing app
    hope this helps


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      Thanks for the response - much appreciated. For #4, not sure I understand your response. My question is basically, where is there an option in the Garmin Connect app to download courses if the courses are already loaded on the watch?

      Also, when I'm done my round, should the scorecard automatically upload to Garmin Connect if the watch is synced to my phone or do I have to plug it in with USB to upload the scorecard.