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Disappointed with G80

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  • Disappointed with G80

    first off, kudos to Garmin for making a gps and radar all in one. I was a happy G8 user who upgraded to G80 because of the radar feature. But it’s hard not to price the display on the G80 is worse than G8. Specifically the color saturation is poor. What you see on a G80 is a muted and dull display. The brightness is poor too, I had to increase brightness to maximum just to feel like I’m not looking at a dark screen. Problem is max brightness will kill the battery. Look at this picture of a G8’s screen compared to G80. The G8 colors are so much richer and bright. The G80 is dull. Really disappointed with this. Also wish there was 1 button to enter a score. G8 has a dedicated score button but G80 you have to hit menu then scorecard.