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Garmin Explore - Garmin Connect - GPSMAP 66 and a disappointed customer

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  • Garmin Explore - Garmin Connect - GPSMAP 66 and a disappointed customer

    Hi there,

    during some trouble shooting of Garmin Connect (see attached link) I found several ... lets call it oddities when trying to use Garmin Explore.

    For my understanding, Garmin Explore is intended to be useful when you are "off the grid" and without access to the cloud / internet / Garmin Connect. The current stage of the software however comes with significant limitations, that currently prevents it to be useful for me. Sadly, the fact to no longer have to use USB mass storage to transfer .gpx file to the device was my initial reason for the purchase of my new GPSMAP 66.

    - can't import .gpx files into the Android app
    - import under is not usable when accessing the page from a mobile device
    - tracks transferred to GPSMAP 66 do lack elevation data, same applies to tracks exported from
    - the syncing mechanism between Android app, and the GPSMAP 66 based on collections is not straight forward
    - no data transfer of already existing courses from Garmin Connect to Garmin Explore possible

    more related to the GPSMAP 66:
    - why isn't there a very simple support for Bluetooth file transfer protocol, which every Android device supports out of the box without further software or cloud service requirements?
    - why is "send to device" of courses form Garmin Connect not supported? The reverse direction to upload activities already is.

    Hi there, being a long time user of Garmin Vista HCx and etrex 30, I recently upgraded myself to GPSMAP 66 and edge 1030. My "workflow" used to be

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    Hi Robert,
    I share your disappointment about the features provided by the Explore app. Garmin has communicated a lot about the "light" management of the GPSMAP 66, no computer, nor internet, with only a tablet or smartphone. This is often my situation when I establish my base camp in the mountains, in isolated places. On my tablet:
    - I have many gpx files
    - I have a powerful mapping tool to create my routes.
    I can not export them to the Explorer app which can only communicate with the Explore Web server.
    I can export them to the Garmin Connect app but can not load them into my GPS !
    Garmin could very easily add an import function to the Explore app (similar to that of Explore Web), which would delight wilderness enthusiasts!


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      the missed functionality to directly send a .gpx or .fit track to the GPSMAP 66 is provided by the Connect IQ App
      gimporter and its companion app
      The author recently provided an update, which works nicely with my Samsung S8

      There is also a similar companion app for iOS, as I do not own an Apple device, I do not know whether it is working or not
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        Does not work for me...
        I can not even connect the GPSMAP 66S to the internet. The wifi does not see ANY network! Even when close to the router: nothing. Manually adding the network: not working.

        The only thing I want to do, is download a GPX-track online with my phone (in my case a selfmade track from and upload it to my GPSMAP 66S to display an follow the track.
        At this moment it is impossible!
        Simple sending via Bluetooth would be enough... i'm very dissapointed with Garmin overall...


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          Today I updated my device to sofware "2.80" but no change...


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            UPDATE and solution for my wifi-problem described above:

            -connect device to computer and open Garmin Express.
            -remove device from Garmin Express.
            -add device again, as new device
            -in the prompt, the last step is to connect to wifi and that works with manual adding the wifi.