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  • Virb Ultra 30 question


    is it possible to get with the virb ultra 30, together with virb edit, the horizon always levelled? For exmple think of a motorcycle leaning in a curve/turn very much on the side. That makes the image nearly vertically . Could virb edit correct the footage from the virb ultra 30?

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    Hi there, what you trying to achieve is artificial horizon levelling, the VIRB can't do this, not without an external device such as a gimbal which can be set to fix the horizon. Levelling the horizon can be done in post production with VIRB Edit or Adobe Premier Pro and depending on the type of footage you have, can be a laborious job eg fast-moving action such a MTB riding, or simple for slow panning across the scene and if you good, it may come out OK. Your best bet is to get a gimbal, they are fairly cheap but reliable...look for Zhiyun Rider M/Evo, or the waterproof Feiyu Tech WG....


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      I'm also in a similar issue with some footage I'm trying to take on my Virb, even though I'm just a amateur I’m trying to increase video quality, so I've been in the market for a reasonable priced gimbal, I can't afford a Osmo or something like this, and I'd like to have atleast two or three gimbals so my friends can also take steady video too. I don't mind tweaking a okay working product to make it operate with the Virb, like using weights for counterbalance, or re-setting the gimbal after each use, or using my forge 3d printer to make adapters

      The Removu S1 seemed really good, the Feiyu G5 or G6 also looked good, though they are all a little high for my budget, especially if I’m buying multiples. I’ve been searching around Amazon and Ebay, I found a small store that seemed to have a amazing deal on gimbals.

      So here’s my final decision list on gimbals, let me know if you have any experience with them, and which one based on price you recommend.

      Removu S1 = $200 with shipping

      Feiyu Tech G5 = $180 with shipping

      Feiyu Tech G4= $89.95 ( with free shipping on orders $159+) - This one for being a older version seemed best, and cheap