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Wildly inaccurate telemetry overlay

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  • Wildly inaccurate telemetry overlay

    I have a VIRB Ultra 30, and my telemetry overlays are completely useless in the woods. I can't sync the telemetry in VIRB edit because the API is broken, per this thread:

    Here's an example of one of my videos. Check around the 4:00 mark. I'm clearly moving somewhere between 10-15mph. The overlay drops to 0, then slowly ticks back up, then jumps to 100+ MPH at times. The whole video is like that - semi-accurate at first and then it just gets worse and worse.

    There doesn't' seem to be a way to sync a speed sensor to the VIRB like a normal GPS, which I think would help a lot in the woods. But since that's not an option, what can I do as a mountain biker to get useful overlays? They're a big part of the reason I bought this camera in the first place.

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    Actually, you can pair a speed sensor with the Virb Ultra 30 (or more accurately, a speed/cadence sensor).


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      Aah, so you can. I didn't see it the first time around - I'm hoping it will work with the newer style magnetless speed sensor, since I got ride of my Garmin combo sensors ages ago.

      Either way, the GPS file that this thing generates is trash. I'm uploading two files - one is the GPX from the VIRB, the other is the one from my Edge 1000. The VIRB file is not even remotely close - long pauses with zero speed, completely wrong map information, and just garbage. How can I fix this?
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