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Garmin VIRB 360 Linux Compatibility?

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  • Garmin VIRB 360 Linux Compatibility?

    Is it possible to communicate with the Garmin over USB in linux with command line tools like 'ptpcam' or 'gphoto2'?

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    Here is a post of mine about using curl to control or get data from camera using command line. That should work from Linux, not sure what ptpcam or gphoot2 are? I should note that I have used the API via iPhone app that lets me send commands.

    Sorry, I just noticed you asked about communication with usb vs. wifi. Not sure if there is a way with USB, but if you can provide power to camera from usb, then maybe WIFI will work in your case.
    I'm new to using the API, currently just going over this 2015 documentation of "Camera Network Services API"
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