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Virb 30 External Mic Causes Weird Sound

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  • Virb 30 External Mic Causes Weird Sound

    I've been having issues with sound when recording with an external mic. It's not looking good. Garmin has open a special case on this issue, but I'm holding my breath if I ever hear anything back.

    I'm trying to use an external mic with the Ultra 30 so that you hear more of the motor sounds. The internal mic is trouble and pretty much just picks up the wind noise. Any thoughts on solutions would be great. I've tried several mics, cables, software update and settings.

    Sitting in a quiet room today, testing different mics I can hear the sound in that is the first video through the speaker in the camera when any mic is plugged into the camera. Camera does not have to be recording to have the speaker make the sound.

    Weird sound that has been plaguing my videos.

    Race photoage

    Any help would be great.

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    I have the same problem!!!
    @recingvw34, any news?!?!?