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Virb xe with fenix 3 as remote issues

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  • Virb xe with fenix 3 as remote issues

    I just got a virb xe and I'm using the fenix 3 as a remote. I have everything shut off including GPS, wifi, etc. I only have the virb and fenix connected. My issues is that when I have the fenix as remote, when I put the virb to sleep / or even just connect to the virb/ the virb wakes up every 3 minutes or so on its own without any commands from me. I have auto off turned on so it does turn off after several minutes but then it powers back up again after 3 minutes or so. I've tried everything including garmin tech support which was nothing but the standard scripted responses. I'm at a loss here as I had planned on using this for fishing offshore where I'd only take an hour of video or so from my jetski. But I can't reach the camera to turn it on and off. That's why I bought this setup. But if I try to use the watch to control it I can't use power saving mode because it keeps powering up. I'm only getting 3 hours battery life out of it "in power saving mode" because it keeps powering in so often. By the time I need it I don't have any time left to record Because some days it takes 3 hours or so to get out where I want to shoot video. Any help would be appreciated

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    I have the same issue here. Just bought the Virb 360 few weeks ago and tested it why my fenix3 HR yesterday. The "Sleep Virb" option fails every time. This seems to be a nice feature as I can indeed save battery of my Virb this way. But when it does not work, I cannot use it. I disabled now this widget on my fenix3 HR and now I am using the Virb remote on my GPSMap 64. This remote doesn't have any Sleep/Wake option. But with this remote the Virb 360 doesn't go to sleep, even if I have chosen the option in settings to go to sleep after 2 minutes. This means I have to shutdown and power on the Virb on my helmet with my hand.

    I also have the feeling that not all video's and/or photos I have taken using a remote are stored on the Virb. With both the fenix3 and GPSMap64 I am missing photos and video's... :-(...

    Please help.
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