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VIRB 360 wont go into camera mode (only video)

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  • VIRB 360 wont go into camera mode (only video)

    I have had my Virb 360 for 6 months. Unfortunately between software issues and generally mediocre quality photos I have found the whole experience underwhelming.

    In the last week I have found a new and highly irritating issue with the Virb 360. It will not go into photo mode.

    Selecting photo mode in the menu just keeps it in video mode. Selecting photo mode in the android ap and pressing shoot takes a 'photo' but with a video-style timer counting.

    I have updated all firmware and software for pc.

    The only thing that has changed is that I have installed the Virb software on a android tablet, where previosuly it was installed only on my android phone.

    I use this camera 100% for 360 still images, so this makes my $1k camera useless.

    Anyone experienced this before?

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    Does anyone have any sort of assistance with this?


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      Have you tried to remove the battery and put it back in, and also doing a firmware reset.

      Does it only not go into the photo mode with a mobile device, or is this also affecting use with physical buttons on the camera?