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  • Lock videos in loop mode

    Hi guys,

    I just recently bought a used Virb XE to replace my GitUp Git 2 after motorcycle vibrations finally managed to destroy the USB port. The way Garmin secured the power supply made me opt for the XE instead of the Ultra 30.

    However, I'm missing a feature I constantly used with my Git 2 and also with the previous SJ4000: The ability to lock the current video when using loop mode(ignore the translation error in the menu ).

    I use the loop mode so that I don't have to exchange microSD cards when on the road. With the Git 2, I pressed a button to lock the current video whenever I saw something interesting. That way, the video wouldn't be overwritten and I also wouldn't have to go through dozens of video files to see if something interesting happened.

    Does the Virb XE have a similar function? If not (and in case Garmin is reading), I would really love to see this feature added via a firmware update/upgrade.

    ???????Greetings from Germany