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Is there some sort of remote "event trigger?"

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  • Is there some sort of remote "event trigger?"

    When I look at the lists of VIRB Elite accessories, I don't even see the Heart Rate Monitor, so the fact that no such device shows in those searches doesn't leave me conclude that the device doesn't exist.

    When I'm flying (Hang Glider) I'd like to push a button that tells my camera to make note of that point, to review for editing. For example, when I see a fight between a couple of crows and a hawk, I don't want to have to search through 3 hours of video for it, I want my camera to have a bunch of tag points (from when I hit the button) that I can just jump to and cut into my final video.

    As it is, I may just build an arduino device that displays a single digit that my camera can see. Every time I hit the button, the number increments. When looking through the vid, I can just look for the point in time when the digit changed.


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    No such trigger exists for the virb elite, but you could try taking a photo - either with the photo button on the camera or with the virb remote control. The photo will be tagged with exact timestamp. This could facilitate finding the right timespot on the video.
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      The Virb 360 has the "Remember That" voice commend. I just dug around a bit in the API, and didn't see a way to trigger that with the API, but that would be nicer. You could use the API to send a status command, which will return the number of seconds the current clip has been recording. The command looks like this "curl --data "{"command":"status"}"". There is an iphone app that lets you send these with the click of a button, but may not be ideal for your case, I assume you want a physical button, but maybe you can do that with the arduino solution.

      Would be a nice feature request for the API.