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DISASTER at a client event - VIRB 360 corrupted card!

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  • DISASTER at a client event - VIRB 360 corrupted card!

    I'm freaking out as I was at a client site Friday night filming in 5.7K and my VIRB suddenly displayed message "Reading Card". Left it for a few minutes but message never cleared. Power cycled a couple times, including full battery removal and no change. I used a backup card to get through the rest of the night, but my card withe the vast majority of footage will not read in any device - tried 2nd VIRB 360 camera, microSd card reader, and SD adapter sleeve. Windows states that the card has to be formatted before it can be used.

    The only way to get any files off the card was using EaseUS Data Recovery - it managed to copy a lot of large files (named FILEXXX.M4A, etc) most of which cannot be played as video files (found one old 3 second test clip that played).

    There are also a lot of large .SWF files with filenames FILEXXX.SWF etc. - I know SWF are Adobe Flash files and that some companies use the Flash wrapper to deliver copy-protected content so I'm HOPING that the VIRB support team can help me decipher these files into a standard video format.

    Any advice from the experts? Thx, Scott

    P.S. using VIRB 360 with Samsung EVO Plus 128GB card - lightly used and card was formatted in camera at the beginning of the night. There was lots of battery and storage left when it happened.

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    That's terrible! Lately I have been hearing a lot of such cases of VIBE I wonder if they have some problem in their manufacturing. Anyway, back to the point, Easeus isn't the only option available out there. I very much recommend you to try some others like Stellar Photo Recovery and other such options. They work decently and I think the price is also lesser.


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      Thank you for the feedback LisaM - I had considered purchasing Stellar but it was more expensive and most sites had equivalent reviews. When Easeus started recovering huge files, I was hopeful that it was just a matter of sorting through files to find out how many were valid. Because none of them are valid, I'm going to purchase Stellar as well... will post again with results.

      In the meantime, I did just get through to Garmin support and was greatly disappointed that the rep had no explanation for "reading card" error (except mentioning unsupported cards ... not relevant in this case), and no explanation for the huge .SWF files that resulted from data recovery. He says that the VIRB does not write anything except .MP4, jpg thumbnails, and small geo/metadata files. Nothing to explain the SWF files at all and no option for sending them a sample to see if there's any chance of recovery. Just a "sorry, there's nothing we can do".

      So to summarize, I have a "recommended" card that was purchased specifically for use with the VIRB, has been used to record a maximum of 10 hours of footage over very few sessions, was formatted in camera at the beginning of the night, failed while in the camera... in fact had its formatting corrupted in camera, and there is no explanation or additional support from Garmin. To say that I am disappointed is a huge understatement.


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        Sadly, I have now also tried Stellar Recovery AND tried their Video Repair software ... files do not play


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          Oh God, that must've been so horrible.