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Wearable Gimbal for Virb Ultra 30

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  • Wearable Gimbal for Virb Ultra 30

    I see a thread here that confirms some handheld, but can anyone here recommend a wearable gimbal for the Ultra 30? Or something that can be used for mountain biking?

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    I don't have one myself but this one seems to work well


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      Thanks! I don't see anything official on their site saying the the virb Ultra 30 works but I do see user comments saying it does. My only concern is that none of these Gimbals will work with the waterproof case of the virb. The wg2 gimbal is water resistant so maybe I could just drill screw holes in the virb case or make some type of custom bracket. The downside of the wg2 looks like a non replaceable battery built in. For 200 bucks I might give it a try on Amazon knowing they have a good return policy. The EVO gimbal looks like another option for another 100 but no water resistance.


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        After a ton of digging, I've come to find that there are no wearable gimbles that will handle the size or the weight of the Virb Ultra 30 with the protective case. The WG2 tops at 130g, the Evo tops at 150. The Virb nearly doubles its weight with the case at 160g total.
        I really wanted to use the Virb over a GoPro due to ANT connectivity, but this is an absolute deal breaker and I'll be sending the Virb back without opening it. Too bad. I really hope Garmin pay attention to these details next time.


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          I didnt want a GoPro but I found a GoPro 6 for $250 with the new float handle. That was too good to pass up.


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            Nice. I'm starting to realize that no gimbal will handle it camera in a waterproof case so I would likely want something that is waterproof without a case and then just put a lens protector on it. Honestly it has all become such a headache that I don't even want a camera now so I'm just going to bail without opening anything.