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Virb Ultra 30 stabilization not available in 4k mode

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  • Virb Ultra 30 stabilization not available in 4k mode

    Brand new Ultra 30, latest firmware. As soon as I change my video settings to 4k, Stabilizer and Lens Correction are unavailable and I can't seem to figure out why. I've read a few online reviews that praise this thing for having IS available at 4k.

    What am I missing? My video with this thing in is not very good at all, it's incredibly Blair Witch level shaky.
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    I have virb ultra 30 and IS and LC are not available for 4K. I believe the camera docs state the same as well. 2.7K is the highest level they are available on. I record at 2.7K w/o IS and LC, mainly to increase battery life. But I have tried IS before and I didn't like the results on this camera. Every 4-5 seconds it would shift the pixels and kill the sharpness of the video, so I never use it.


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      The reason it doesn't work in 4K is because the virb has digital video stabilization and digital stabilization will always crop a part of the video. Since the sensor is 4K and you are recording in 4K there is no room to crop part of the video.(or you will end up with black bars on the sides of the video)
      This video explains how optical and digital stabilization works:

      All action cams who have stabilization have digital stabilization except for the sony who has optical
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