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    I'm looking for a levelling setting or levelling edit feature for Garmin VIRB 360. I don't think there is such a thing but it would be very useful, for example, video can be levelled afterwards (camera can be completely upside down), but if you take a still and it's not level, there seems to be nothing you can do?

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    I've been using Hugin for time lapse photos shot with Virb 360. It woudl be great if they can be leveled automatically like video, or even just manually leveled in Virb Edit. My non-level shooting use case is sky time lapse, in particular evening, where I aim one lens directly up and another directly down. I have ruby script to batch process images with Hugin, not to stitch, but to rotate the equirectangular image. Then I use another app to assemble to video. Here is code I use in .pto fie,

    ```# hugin project file
    #hugin_ptoversion 2
    p f2 w4000 h2000 v360 E12.0489 R0 n"TIFF_m c:LZW r:CROP"
    m g1 i0 f0 m2 p0.00784314

    # image lines
    #-hugin cropFactor=1
    i w5640 h2820 f4 v360 Ra0 Rb0 Rc0 Rd0 Re0 Eev12.0489254763461 Er1 Eb1 r63.434948822922 p-90 y116.565051177078 TrX0 TrY0 TrZ0 Tpy0 Tpp0 j0 a0 b0 c0 d0 e0 g0 t0 Va1 Vb0 Vc0 Vd0 Vx0 Vy0 Vm5 n"image_name.JPG"

    My workflow is described in more detail here


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      Thank you. Hadn't heard of Hugin. Checking it out. Still would like better processing of stills in VIRB Edit though.


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        I still would like to see this functionality added to VIRB Edit please Garmin.