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VIRB 360 1 camera goes funky sometimes

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  • VIRB 360 1 camera goes funky sometimes


    New to this forum, so if I make mistakes, please correct me :-)

    That said, I have some issues with my VIRB 360. Occassionaly one of the camera's goes funky in 4k video mode (see photo). Now, when I monitor the video, I can correct it, but occassionaly when I want to be quick, I simply slide the switch to record. This is a situation where I don't need this issue to happen of course :-)

    I wonder if this is a firmware issue. Running 3.3, but had it in the previous version as well. Or is it maybe the card? I use a Samsung EVO 128GB.


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    I know there is an old post with something like this but I an find it. Well today I hit this for the first time, and it was twice, with a supported sd card. In both cases the video started fine, and then half of one lens area had issue in stitched image. I'll try to avoid in camera stitching, which I suspect played a role in this.

    As usual, can't upload photos, here is link to google photos

    I was shooting in time lapse video model with 2 second interval.
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