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Virb 360 maximum shutter speed (longest not fastest)

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  • Virb 360 maximum shutter speed (longest not fastest)

    I've been happy with the extended time lapse, I want to do time lapses that straddle sunset and start to pick up stars, or pictures by campfire. The specs at link below show 30 second shutter, but I haven't been able to get anything longer than 1 second. I'm hoping this is just temporary limitation of initial release that will be addressed with a firmware update?

    I know there isn't a manual way to set the shutter speed, but aperture is fixed, and I can lock ISO to 100 (although EXIF data shows 141). I even used +2 exposure compensation did exposure bracketing, and put camera in a black bag, but can't get beyond 1 second. I can se more with ISO 800, but why to that when I have a tripod.

    I'd appreciate feedback anyone can give me on this. I know this won't provide DSLR night photos, but needs to have some capability.

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    If it's like the Ultra menu try selecting Photo=>Time Lapse=>Type[Night] then you can get up to 60sec exposures and up to 60min intervals.

    Again - it would be great if there was a combined Extended/Night mode option to get the programmable timer function and sleep mode please Garmin

    Also a RAW option would be nice in Night mode for the Ultra.


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      I don't see any type of Night mode in normal or extended time lapse, and even just manually taking a single photo, I can't get it to photo with exposure time of more than 1 second (even though 30sec) listed in specs. I'm hoping this is something firmware update can fix.