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Virb 360 maximum shutter speed (longest not fastest)

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  • Virb 360 maximum shutter speed (longest not fastest)

    I've been happy with the extended time lapse, I want to do time lapses that straddle sunset and start to pick up stars, or pictures by campfire. The specs at link below show 30 second shutter, but I haven't been able to get anything longer than 1 second. I'm hoping this is just temporary limitation of initial release that will be addressed with a firmware update?

    I know there isn't a manual way to set the shutter speed, but aperture is fixed, and I can lock ISO to 100 (although EXIF data shows 141). I even used +2 exposure compensation did exposure bracketing, and put camera in a black bag, but can't get beyond 1 second. I can se more with ISO 800, but why to that when I have a tripod.

    I'd appreciate feedback anyone can give me on this. I know this won't provide DSLR night photos, but needs to have some capability.

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    If it's like the Ultra menu try selecting Photo=>Time Lapse=>Type[Night] then you can get up to 60sec exposures and up to 60min intervals.

    Again - it would be great if there was a combined Extended/Night mode option to get the programmable timer function and sleep mode please Garmin

    Also a RAW option would be nice in Night mode for the Ultra.


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      I don't see any type of Night mode in normal or extended time lapse, and even just manually taking a single photo, I can't get it to photo with exposure time of more than 1 second (even though 30sec) listed in specs. I'm hoping this is something firmware update can fix.


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        I was excited to see the 3.0 firmware update yesterday with a note in release notes about improved photo image quality; but unfortunately that did not include any changes to the maximum shutter duration. Still just 0.5 seconds instead of 30 seconds. I'd love to hear from Garmin at least that this is on their list of things to fix. I haven't gotten that conformation to date.


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          I was able to use the API on the camera but as identified in this post, it didn't provide any features to alter the limits on shutter speed.

          While the API didn't solve my shutter speed issue it is really cool, I could basically write any time lapse and exposure bracketing logic I want to drive camera operation, although it would require wifi to be on as well as for now a laptop, although some day it would be nice to write basic mobile app using the API (I have not done any mobile development)

          FYI, this is the kind of time lapse I'm trying to make, I'd like better quality as the sun sets, and being able to shoot later to start to pick up stars.


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            Resolved with late September 2017 firmware udpate. Now has night mode that shoots up to 60 seconds. Do have to use API to trigger camera via wifi to do both Night mode and time lapse.