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Manual time alignment of Audio

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  • Manual time alignment of Audio

    Hello. I am not expecting a full featured editing suite like Adobe Premier, but there are a few simple tools that I am not finding. Perhaps the community knows how to do this since there is no user manual.

    (1) I would like to delay the start of the secondary audio track such that it aligns with the video at the end of the clip. It appears that I have only course options (25% increments for interpolating or decimating the footage) thus I must either cut footage out or delay the audio start time to get end alignment. But as far as I can tell the added audio tracks automatically start at the beginning of the video with no option for delay start, pegging to one clip or even trimming the audio down to a subsection of the full track. What am I missing? This is editing 101 right?

    (2) Ideally I would like the ability to set a clip or sequence of clips to match a specified time frame. In this I expect Garmin to calculate the rate for dropping or duplicating frames such that the video becomes the desired length. This is basically the same as changing the playback speed but with better step resolution than 25% steps. For example I have a 7 minute clip that I would like to be 5 minutes long. Increasing the playback speed by 25% overshoots my target by 15 seconds but going to 50% increase misses the other way by 1.5minutes. So I either need to tell Garmin to hit that exact desired length or have control to set the exact speed change percentage (ie 71% rather than 75%). Is this possible?

    (3) When trying to trim the beginning or end of a clip it is intuitive to trim away, but if I want to put some of the trimming back, that seems to not be an option short of replacing the clip and then re-adding the G-Metrix data and re-syncing. This seems to basic of a need so I must be missing the way Garmin intended me to do this?


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    Hey Garmin... Your model of having us learn how to use the tool from the community does not seem to be working.

    A user manual to explain the tools you have developed would be great so I could go "RTFM" to gain understanding instead of waiting for answers from others who perhaps don't know or don't have time to spend answering questions in the forums.


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      They've got your money, they don't care about leaving you stranded now, as many members of the Opencaching Community found out.