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Virb edit disctance is longer, than is should be

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  • Virb edit disctance is longer, than is should be

    Hello All!

    I create tracks and videot from 50-100 km long routes for rallye races, so this videos have to shows correct datas.

    The distance gauge displays more longer distance than the gmetrix fit file data (p.e. if I import it to Garmin Basecamp). Of course I have synced the gmetrix data. At the start of the video the distance is correctly 0, but as I go ahead, it displays longer distance, in proportion.
    On a 15km ride the difference is about 1 km, on 200 km-s the difference is 30 km-s.
    My track file (.fit) in basecamp is 202 km, but at the end of the video, the virb edit distance gauge shows 234 km-s. I made another track with my phone, and it's also 202 km, and I know the route, 202 is the correct distance.
    Could you please help me, how should I correct this difference?

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    I've found the solution!

    I've downgraded my Virb Ultra 30 firmware to 4.50, and all the problems lost, the distances are correct.
    After this, I upgraded to 4.60, and the problem came back, the distance got to be longer.

    So I downgraded again, and now it's working correct!

    So, I think there shoud be a mistake in the 4.60 firmware!!!