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Whats the best way to split long 360 videos --

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  • Whats the best way to split long 360 videos --

    Youtube has a 100gb limit .. I've been using the ever slow Garmin Virb EDIT to encode and chop them down to size by creating a timeline with the entire video .. then duplicating it for however many parts I need .. then chopping off the ends, middle or whatever to end up with parts that are "sized" for youtube

    One of my commenters noticed that this method chops the "gmetrix" data too .. restarting the mileage counters, time etc .. *crap*

    So now I need to render the *entire* video and slice it so that I can upload it in chunks to youtube

    I've tried FFMpeg, MP4Box, VLC, and a host of others .. they all "loose" the 360 degree magic and you end up without whatever 'hints' in the file tell the player (and youtube) that this is a spherical mpeg ..

    Final Cut Pro X might work, but it seems to want to re-render the file .. which is just going to make the process even longer, fuzzier and more painful.