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Stabilizing Virb 360 5.7K RAW

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  • Stabilizing Virb 360 5.7K RAW

    G'day everyone, just a newbie here trying to head my head around a few basics..
    I've recently purchased a Garmin Virb 360, and going throught the processes of trying to get decent footage out of it..
    It has in camera stitching in 4K, but so far Im not particulary impressed with. The big problem I have is utilising the 5.7K footage on offer, however it has to be stitched through either "Virb edit" or other third party software. The stitching I have no problem with, but no stabilizing enhancements I do..
    So according to Garmin support, the Virb edit stabilizer only works for 4K and not 5.7K. So I came up with the idea of stitching the 5.7K through Virb edit, then stabilizing the footage through Power director 16 which I already have.
    So far Im having terrible results, yes it stabilizes but Im losing a tonne of resolution in the process..
    I uploaded two versions to Youtube, one edited through Virb edit with no stabilization has 4k res but too unstable. Where as the same video stabilzed through power director is stable but has a terrible resolution of 720p, looks like its from first gen phone camera. Lol
    Where am I going wrong? Im trying to render it at the highest possible resolution, but the finished product is nowhere near acceptable..
    If anyone could shed some light on where I could be going wrong, it would be much appreciated, cheers