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VIRB 360 does not turn on!

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  • VIRB 360 does not turn on!

    Yesterday I have recieved my Garmin Virb 360, but when I press the power button it does not turn on (or some times turns on, some times no!). However, it works with Direct power. I have charged the battery fully (I have bought two batteries but none of them work!) So it is not about the battery. I have removed the SD card as well, but still no chance to turn on.

    It behaves every time differenty. some times by pressing the power, the blue led turns on, some times it shows you for a short time 'reading card' but after a while it will be shut down again. I want to return back this camera,
    Any other idea?

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    Not sure if it will help, but have you done a factory reset and a firmware update.