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Does the camera need to be attached to the subject for rotation data?

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  • Does the camera need to be attached to the subject for rotation data?

    Hello I am new to using action camera's and I am probably only now using one because of the GMetrix data overlays. One of the data overlay categories I am wanting to use includes "air time" and "rotations" metrics. The challenge however is that I don't want the subject wearing the camera while spiraling through the air because that doesn't make for good watching.

    I want the subject filmed by the camera from a stationary point and the data recorded from his/her wrist worn garmin activity recorder (Fenix 3HR). But when I try to bring the activity data from the watch together with the stationary footage from the camera, I don't have an option to synchronize GMetrix because of the lack of GPS information on the video.

    It seems that I should be able to sync activity time with video clip position(time) and pull the GMetrix off the watch recording but if I can't use the sync function how is this accomplished?


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    After more digging I am thinking the answer is no, we cannot retain the jump motion data with the camera dislocated from the subject.

    It seems that the jump/motion related information only comes from the Virb camera's. The activity watches can provide G-Metrix replacement GPS data or add in cadence and heart rate but it doesn't provide the full suite of measurement options. Perhaps the camera has an integrated gyro while the watches only use accelerometors (my guess).

    It would be interesting to know if there is an external sensor that can be paired to the Fenix or Edge to capture this data outside of the camera.

    Can anyone confirm or rebut these theories?