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  • No install drive selection

    Why doesn't Virb Edit allow me to choose which drive to install it on? Now it goes to C:, and my SSD drive is now too full to allow it to install.

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    Hi apersson850,

    VIRB Edit doesn't support choosing a path as of v5.4.2, this may change in the future. Having said that, you can move the VIRB Edit folder to another drive after installing it and it works just fine (you may have to create a new desktop shortcut though).

    1. Install VIRB Edit on your C drive
    2. Navigate to "C:\Program Files\Garmin\VIRB Edit" and cut the VIRB Edit folder (or Garmin folder)
    3. Paste the folder to another drive (ie: D drive)
    4. Open the VIRB Edit folder and right click VIRBEdit.exe and select "Send To > Desktop (create shortcut)"

    Pro tips:
    VIRB Edit uses very little space, what's taking up the majority of space are imported clips. Once you have VIRB Edit installed make sure you go to "Menu > Settings > Media" and change your Clip and Photo storage locations (by default imported clips and photos are stored on the C drive).

    To help with performance issues on low end PCs, VIRB Edit optimizes clips (creates 720p duplicates of your clips) and stores them here: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Garmin\VirbEdit\Preview

    You can free up room by deleting all clips in the Preview folder.


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      Removing the previews made a huge difference. They occupied around 10% of the total drive space.
      Is there any setting allowing me to tell the program to store the previews on drives with more available space?