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    Hello All,
    We are happy to announce a new beta version of Garmin Training Center for you to try. We have tested it for a while, but please understand that since it is a "beta version" it is still possible that something might change between now and the public release of this version. I would also like to note that this beta version uses a completely different set of data files from the 3.5.3 public release and is installed to a different directory, so you should be able to install & use the beta version in parallel with the public version of GTC (although you can't run both at the same time).

    Here is the change list for this version:
    1. GTC no longer uses legacy "bin files" as its data storage format, and is now using a more reliable open-source embedded database. Note: GTC no longer stores its application data in the "All Users Program Data Path", but is now in the current user's app data path
      "C:\Users\<WindowsLogin>\AppData\Roaming\GARMIN\TrainingCenter\UserData" in Windows Vista/7
    2. GTC has been re-engineered to scale better for larger user data sets.
    3. GTC provides the ability to convert existing legacy user bin file accounts. A user can automatically migrate old users to new user accounts on a 1-1 basis or merge multiple legacy accounts into a single new user file. This feature was designed to be robust so that it will attempt to recover any valid legacy data even from "corrupted bin files" that were not accessible from GTC 3.5.3 and earlier.
    4. GTC now supports Power workout creation/editing
    5. GTC now supports Repeat Step targets other than step count in support of newer devices that provide this feature(Repeat Until).
    6. GTC now supports Power Zones and Bikes in the User Profile
    7. GTC now supports auto-error reporting like more current Garmin Windows applications
    8. GTC can now properly sync user profile with FIT mass storage devices such as the Edge 500/800 & Forerunner 110/210.
    9. GTC no longer has a rigid folder structure where top level folders force a sport type on the folder's sub-elements. User's can create sub-folders and mix elements in any manner they desire regardless of the sport type of the activity or workout. The only provided "System Folders" are "My <User Data Type>" and "Imported <User Data Type>" where <User Data Type> is Activities, Workouts, or Courses, and a folder with the default "Example Workouts".
    10. GTC will allow the user to directly import Activity Fit Files from the Import->History menu.
    11. GTC provides the user with the ability to change the sport type on activities and workouts since this can no longer be accomplished by moving an activity between Sport specific folders.
    12. While GTC will not bring in multiple copies of the same activity to "My Activities" when doing a receive from device, the application also no longer requires that activities have a unique start time. Thus, a user may have an activity that was imported from a TCX file in "Imported Activities" that duplicates an activity brought over from the device in "My Activities".

    NOTE: This revision has been replaced by the Beta version.
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    Some things to note that arose during our initial testing of the beta:
    • During the initial conversion, if a user receives a set of Activities into GTC 3.5.3 and leaves the data on the device, after the conversion to the beta GTC, the user may see duplicates of these activities under "Imported Activities" and "My Activities" if they do a receive from the same device in new GTC. It is safe to delete either set of the duplicates.
    • We intentionally removed most of the aggregate statistics (averages and max) from the Folder and Week level elements consistent with how the current public Mac GTC works. We have received some initial feedback in regards to this and are currently considering whether we want to put this information back prior to the release.
    • We encountered a few minor issues with importing activities from a TCX file that we are in the process of fixing. The most glaring of these is that Week Notes fail to import from a TCX file, but this shouldn't occur during legacy user bin file migration.

    If you encounter a specific issue that doesn't activate the error reporter, please create a new thread to discuss it and/or send a message to
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