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Getting maps onto the GPSMAP 76

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  • Getting maps onto the GPSMAP 76

    We've just purchased and are waiting for the arrival of the GPSMAP 76 for friends that do a lot of kayaking. I'd like to have some maps of where they frequently kayak already loaded onto it before we give it to them, but nowhere in the users manual does it discuss how to do that, although I've gathered that it requires a program called MapSource.

    My first question, does MapSource come with the GPSMAP 76?

    If not, from where can it be downloaded?

    The Garmin MapSource Update page indicates that the software will not work unless you already own a MapSource product.

    Thanks for any reply.

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    I believe you will need to buy a suitable map product. If those maps are purchased on CD/DVD they usually come with MapSource/MapInstall. You can then use MapSource to transfer the maps or parts of the map to your device. I do not think that the 76 comes with MapSource by itself (because there is no map that comes with the device that MapSource could use). MapSource without a map is pretty useless and will, in fact, not even run.

    Your device will come with a BaseMap which does not offer very high detail. Depending on what you'd like to use it for, I'd get a suitable product to enhance it. If you are in the US and would like to do kayaking maybe U.S. Inland Lakes would be good.

    But again, this is the MapSource software support forum, so I am not the most knowledgeable person on which maps would be best and how to get them. Customer Support should be better equipped to answer your questions.
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      Originally posted by FALAGAR View Post
      I do not think that the 76 comes with MapSource by itself (because there is no map that goes with it that MapSource could use).
      What do you mean that there is no map to go with the GPSMAP 76 that MapSource could use?


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        I think he meant "comes with". Maps in addition to the base map can be purchased and user installed in the 8 megs of available memory. If it's the base 76 you're talking about, it will not accept additional memory so the additional map capacity is very limited.
        Steve W


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          I have a GPSMAP76S. The same unit you bought but mine has the "high sensitive receiver (the "S"). The memory is enough as long as you know where you are going to be needing the GPS and load the maps you need in advance or bring a laptop along and load as needed. I load 16 maps covering SoCalif and have plenty of memory left for waypoints and tracks.

          I have used mine for 5-6 years. It has been trouble free and very accurate. I use "MapSource U S TOPO CD version 3.02". It has 1:100,000 scale maps that have much more detail than the basic included maps and I know for certain that they will load into your GPS. They have a lot of detail about the coastline, lakes and rivers and the 3 CD's cover the entire USA. You will need the special USB cord to connect if it's not included in your purchase.

          Here is a link to Ebay for the software. There are other Ver.3.02 CD's that are cheaper that you can bid on also.

          The newer 1:24,000 scale "DVD TOPO's" have more detail and cover only a few states at a time but you will have to contact garmin to get a definite answer about if they will load into the 76.
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          Don Huston
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            datezz, falagar and killtimer: Thanks for the notes and the links!

            Yes, it's the base GPSMAP 76.

            Since this is a gift to our friends - and we've already gone over budget - we will probably leave additional related purchases up to them. But I'm still trying to figure out if we could load up a nice map of just the Frenchman Bay and Mount Desert Island, Maine area without spending more money.

            datezz, was MapSource included with your unit or only with your purchased of the US Topo CD?


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              I had to buy the CD's to get MapSource. After that the updates to the software are free.

              On Ebay you can bid for the CD set starting at $11.
              Don Huston
              San Diego, CA.
              United States


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                Thanks for the tip datezz.

                Do you know if after I've installed a map from the Topo CD onto the GPSMAP 76, can I then install the same map onto a different Garmin receiver?


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                  To my knowledge the maps are unlocked to a particular device. So you can install the map on several PCs (or Macs) but sending will only work for one particular device.
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                    Most Topo maps are an unlocked product and may be transferred to multiple Garmin devices.


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                      Thank you for the comments. I guess I should call customer support for more details.


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                        I stand corrected.
                        Garmin Product Support (for questions regarding device issues, and map update questions)


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                          jrosedales of Garmin Product Support, thank you very much for the reply.

                          I am a bit more confused than I was before I read your comments and was wondering, does Garmin have a nice tidy list of which products that it requires to have an unlock code and which ones don't?

                          Part of my confusion is attributed to the FAQ:

                          Question: What is Garmin's Unlock Policy?
                          Your MapSource coupon or registration code is valid for use with your own Garmin GPS unit. This agreement provides a one-user license, and it is illegal to share this data with others.

                          If you would like to obtain additional regions or utilize more than one Garmin GPS unit you own, you will need to purchase another code for each unit. (The exception to this is with MapSource BlueChart CD data. The region[s] you have unlocked to one compatible Garmin unit you own from a specific BlueChart CD you may unlock to ONE other compatible Garmin unit you own for no additional fee.)

                          Important note: Once you complete the unlock process, Garmin cannot make changes to your coverage area, transfer unlock codes to different Garmin devices or give refunds or exchanges for MapSource unlock codes. Unlock codes are GPS unit specific and cannot be transferred to another GPS unit. Please be very careful to select the regions you want to unlock. Please pay close attention to the Unlock Policy statements and FAQ’s on this website for very important information on how unlock will apply to your specific situation.

                          Certain customer information is shared with our data providers. These providers currently use this information for internal demographic analysis. These providers may, in the future, use this information to inform you when new data is released or new products become available.


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                            City Navigator, City Select, Blue Charts, Fishing Hot Sport version 4, Topo Great Britain, and LakeMaster maps are all locked products. Any other mapping product purchased on a disc should be an unlocked product.


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