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    When explaining routes verbally, for example a particularly scenic route, people tend to use route numbers -- "take state highway 95, after 10 miles turn left into county road F, then turn right onto county road U, ..."

    This is also how route sheets for motorcycle touring are typically made up.

    However, it is practically impossible to transfer such a simple route description into MapSource. MapSource is based on point-to-point planning, not road-based planning. Indeed, MapSource assumes that it is its prerogative to decide which roads are best for reaching the given destination.

    Using via points and shaping points is how people try to override the MapSource logic. This is not only awkward and time-consuming but it also is error-prone -- MapSource at times finds quite unexpected loop holes to get out between two via points that one assumed would safely "lock in" a certain road. This is particularly true when the algorithm options like avoidances etc. are changed.

    Instead, there should be an option to select and lock in roads rather than points when planning a route.

    Requested Solution

    A road-based routing mode would include several elements:
    • Make numbered roads (Interstates, US, state roads, county roads) findable and selectable. For example, searching for "WI-95", or clicking on it, would find and select (highlight) the entire WI-95 state road.
    • Create a road-based routing tool: Let the user select a starting point and a road. Make that entire road from the starting point onward part of the current route. Let the user select the next, intersecting road. Truncate existing route at the intersection and add the new road to the current route, up to the next road the user choses -- and so on.
    • Internally, the road based planning would then be converted in an appropriate series of shaping points in order to be interpreted correctly by the unit.
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