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  • Copy Maps From SD card

    Is it possilble to copy my Garmin Mexico Map on SD card to the internal memory of my new Nuvi 275t? I don't want to have to use the SD card all the time, but don't want to mess up the other maps. Thanks for any advice.

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    Did you purchase the SD card with Mexico map from Garmin with the map preloaded on the card?

    If that's how you got it, no, you cannot use the map any other way but on the card.

    Or did you load the Mexico map onto the SD card yourself, using Mapsource or Basecamp?

    If that's how the map got onto the card, yes, if there is enough room in the internal memory you can copy the map file into the internal memory.

    Just make sure that the map file on the internal memory is named GMAPPROM.IMG and the map file on the SD card is named GMAPSUPP.IMG. If that's the case, you can just copy the map from the card to the internal memory. If they are both named the same, you will have to rename one of them.



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      Old school cue sheets

      I didn't realize that you can't transfer the City Navigator N. America data on an SD card into a software program like MapSource. I'll maybe buy the $99 CD Rom version of the same data set (CN N. America on a CD ROM) so that I can use software to make routes and use that feature. Or not, and just load the waypoints on an undetailed map and guess where the waypoints should go by comparing to Google maps. Is there a mash up program that might do this? Or maybe just go old school and use paper maps to turn. My SD card in the device has all the map detail I need, hate to buy the same "software data" twice for the rare times I program in routes ahead of my ride.

      iTunes lets me load in CD's of music (I already own the "license") into my iPod. I don't need to buy the same data / music / software twice. But on that note I have a lot of LPs (a different form factor) that I have no way of accessing the "data". I miss LPs...sigh
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        Mapsource makes it easy to use Google Earth. If you know the coordinates you can create waypoints in Mapsource and then use the VIEW menu to "View in Google Earth" so you can see it on the Google Earth maps or aerial views. Or if you already have the waypoints in your device you can use the TRANSFER menu in Mapsource to transfer them into Mapsource and use them to create routes which can be viewed in Google Earth using the VIEW menu.

        I never thought about it until your message but, yes, you could actually do quite a bit using Mapsource with no maps and the VIEW menu link to Google Earth.



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          Copy from SD card

          I own a Garmin Edge 800 that came bundled with Australia/NZ maps on an SD card. I recently purchased the maps for Europe - again on an SD card (I didn't think there was much difference between SD/DVD, its all software...)
          Anyway, I left Australia a few days ago, and forgot my SD card for Europe - luckily I had made a backup of it on my Mac, so it should simply be a case of copying the files over onto the SD card I have - right?
          Or maybe not - I keep getting an error message "Cannot Authenticate Maps"
          I have 3 files on my PC that contain the exact data on the SD card - including one that looks like an unlock code file - can you please advise how I can get this to work? As I;m cycling in Europe, and bought the Edge and maps especially for this, I really hope you can help me to sort this out.


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            I am not aware of any way to do this. You need the original SD card.

            I know this information doesn't really help you now, but I thought I point it out anyways:

            Buying the maps on DVD is usually the better option. Then you can install the maps on your computer (Mac even), see the maps on the computer, and install the maps to your device on the fly without the necessity of having the correct SD card.

            You can even put both AU and EU maps on the same device or card so you'd never have to switch.
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