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Garmin Express always says Updates Are Available, is there a way to know if it worked

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  • Garmin Express always says Updates Are Available, is there a way to know if it worked

    Hi, I used Garmin Express to get the latest software update and latest map (North America 2014.10). It said updates installed successfully. Then I check again and it says updates are available, wanting me to download 2014.10, which I just installed. So I did it again. And it still says that update is available whenever I relaunch the Express program.

    That's odd, but my question is is there a way to confirm which map file is on my GPS? A way to make sure the 2014.10 file was actually installed onto it? Looking at the folders on the device nothing is jumping out, there's a Garmin folder with one little file, a GPX folder with one little file, etc. Where is the map data stored? Also is there a menu on the GPS itself to display the info of what map version I have, to confirm 2014.10 is on there?

    In general that's odd, since the device says it's using at least 1.5 gigabytes or so, but I can only see 70mb or so of files in those folders, and I do have Windows7 set to show hidden files and folders, not seeing any there.

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    Also need to set Windows to show system files as the map files are in the folder .system

    That won't confirm which mapset you have loaded though, just the date you did it, as whichever map it is will be called gmapprom.img. You don't say which GPS you have but you will find the map detail under something like Tools>Settings>Map>Map info

    Reporting updates still being needed is something that has affected various Garmin 'update' programs over the years
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      Thanks for the info, its a Nuvi 52lm. Ah there it is, says CN North America NT 2014.10 under map info on the device there. Thanks again for the helpful quick reply