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Updater cannot find device and other problems

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  • Updater cannot find device and other problems

    Updated my Nuvi 750 to the latest map, message said not enough storage space, so I selected the area of the U.S. I wanted and loaded the map (or so I thought). Tried using the Nuvi, but now I can't enter a destination by address or locate any points of interest (stores, gas stations, etc.).

    Went to "MyGarmin" which says the previous download was "interrupted". Now the Updater is not able to find my device so I can't continue the update.

    Anyone have any ideas how I can sort out this mess to get my 750 back into some semblance of working order?

    Thoroughly Frustrated In Florida

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    I am very sorry you are experiencing these issues and I understand your frustration.

    I don't think these forums are the best way to get help though, please call Garmin Product Support, they should be able to help you out. The link is below in my signature.
    Garmin Product Support (for questions regarding device issues, and map update questions)