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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

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  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions

    Garmin's product support page which includes contact information and its own FAQ is here.

    This is a work in progress and is by no means complete. If you think you have any items you'd like to see here, or there are threads in this sub-forum that should be highlighted, please answer in this thread.

    Questions about updating the map on a Garmin GPS device

    I do not have enough room on my C drive so the map installer does not work Original post

    Yes you will need free space on the c drive, primarily because that is where your temp folder is located. You can either free up space on the C drive or you will have to change the temp environment over to another drive. To change the temp environment, use the following steps:
    1. Go to the larger partition (drive) and create a folder called "Temp"
    2. Open the "Control Panel">"System">"Advanced" tab.
    3. Click on "Environment Variables" on the bottom.
    4. Edit the 2 top variables with a value of the drive path of the "Temp" folder you made in step 1. Example XX:\Temp.
    5. You will now edit 2 more area's in the System variables below. Scroll down till you see "TEMP" & "TMP".
    6. Edit both these area's "Variable value" to the drive path of the "Temp" folder you made in step 1. Example XX:\Temp.
    7. Close all programs and restart the computer.

    You should now be able to run the update. It is not necessary to change the variables back since the "C" drive is needing more room.

    There is not enough room on my device to install a map update Original Post

    Solution 1: You can try deleting unnecessary files from your GPS device.

    If your unit does not have enough space you will need to remove some extra files from the unit's memory. Please be aware that the map update will take place only on the internal memory of the unit, so an SD card will unfortunately not create the additional space the device will need.
    To free up the needed space, please connect your unit to your computer with a compatible USB cable and please follow these steps below:
    1. If you're using a Windows PC, open the Garmin device drive in MyComputer.
    If you're using a Macintosh, open the Garmin device drive located on the desktop.
    2. Next open the JPEG folder.
    3. Delete out any unwanted photos from this folder.
    4. Go back and open the Garmin folder.
    5. Open the 'Text' and 'Voice' folders and delete any unwanted voice and text files. For example, if you do not speak French or German then you can delete those language files. Make sure that you keep the languages that you do use, such as American English. Additionally, each language consists of two separate files. One is a .sum file, the other is a .vpm file. You will want to ensure that you keep both files for each language you keep.
    6. Finally, you can open the 'Vehicle' folder and delete any unwanted or unused vehicles. You may always re-load these at a later time, should you change your mind.
    Please only delete the files recommended here. Do not delete any other files or you may corrupt the software in your device.

    Solution 2: Only install parts of the map.

    Please note that some units do not have enough internal memory to load the entire map update. In such an instance, you'll be prompted to select a specific region to load into the unit. For these units, you can use MapInstall (which is installed during the update process) to load the rest of the maps to a memory card.

    Hint 1: Link
    It might be faster to use an external card reader when transferring a map to a memory card.

    Hint 2: Link
    If you have several maps installed on your device, you might want to un-select the old maps in the internal memory. It's easy. You just tap Tools (wrench icon), Settings, Map and tap the Map Info button at the bottom center. Make sure the newest maps are checked and the old ones are unchecked.

    I installed my map with MapInstall and would like to delete the internal map to make room for other stuff

    You can delete the internal pre-installed map by locating and deleting gmapprom.img from your device. ONLY DO THIS IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DOING! Please create a back-up before.
    In newer nuvis gmapprom.img is in hidden directory \.System . You need to configure folder options in your Windows to see hidden files. Link

    Questions about installing or updating a map onto a PC

    How do I copy my map installation from one PC to another? Original Post

    The easiest way to do this ... is to copy the maps data folder
    %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\Garmin\Maps\City Navigator North America NT 2011.40.gmap
    (where %ALLUSERSPROFILE% depends on your version of Windows, customization etc).
    to the same location on other PCs.
    You then also have to copy the map unlock code to the other PC's as well.
    Unlock codes are saved in .gma files in the
    (where %APPDATA% depends on your version of Windows, customization etc).
    folder. You may have more than one .gma file. If so just copy them all to other PC's.
    PS: The map folder is large (1.7GB for CN NA NT 2011.40) so it can take some time to copy everything over.
    PPS: You can open a Windows Command Prompt and enter the SET command to find out what
    translate to.
    PPPS: Or one can simply paste %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\... into the adress bar of an explorer window and press enter. Then windows will do the "translation" automatically.
    It also works in the Start -> Run box.
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    Garmin Product Support (for questions regarding device issues, and map update questions)

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    Garmin Product Support (for questions regarding device issues, and map update questions)


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      Garmin Product Support (for questions regarding device issues, and map update questions)