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Fix corrupted Nuvi 250

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  • Fix corrupted Nuvi 250


    I have a Garmin Nuvi 250 GPS. I tried to load a new map onto the internal memory, but there wasn't enough room even after i deleted the old map. So I started to delete unnecessary files to try to make it fit (I did backup everything on my laptop).

    When I realised the new map would never fit, i decided to just format the memory and copy eveything back on. Unfortunately, the cable was pulled just after the formatting started. Now when i turn on the unit, it tries to start, beeps, then restarts, beeps, restarts, beeps, etc. continously!!

    I'm not sure if the formatting error caused the problem, or if i deleted some important files. The problem now is that the nuvi keeps restarting, so it won't connect to my laptop. I can't see it as a drive in windows - so even though i have all the original files, i can't put them back on!!

    If i hold the nuvis "on" button - it continously tries to reset - this causes it to become visible in Device Manager (correct Garmin GPS driver is installed) for a few seconds. But then it dissapears again!

    I've run out of ideas at this point. I don't care about any of the files on it, i just need to format it and get it recognised as a drive in windows, so i can restore all the original files.

    Any tekies out there? Help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    Fix corrupted Nuvi 250

    A hard reset (or Clear All User Data) has been known to resolve unit quirks and strange behavior. It's generally recommended to perform it after a firmware update but is not required by any means. However, if you're seeing quirks and strange behavior with your unit after the firmware update, it is a good idea to do a hard reset of the unit.

    Backup and Restoration Procedure for Favorites:

    The Hard Reset procedure has been known to delete your Favorites, so back them up beforehand.

    1. From the Nuvi drive, copy '/Garmin/GPX/current.gpx' to a backup location on your computer.
    2. After the hard reset, copy your backed up 'current.gpx' from your computer back to the '/Garmin/GPX/' folder on the Nuvi, but be sure to rename it 'temp.gpx'.
    3. On the next power cycle, the Favorites will be read from 'temp.gpx' into the non-user accessible memory area on the Nuvi where they are actually stored.

    Perform the Hard Reset:

    *Note that this will clear all user selected settings on the unit

    1. Power the unit off.
    2. Remove the battery and wait several minutes.
    3. Install the battery.
    4. Press and hold (and continue to hold) the bottom-right corner of the screen while powering the unit on.
    5. Continue to hold the screen until the "Do you want to erase all user data?" prompt appears.
    6. Press "yes" and the unit will reboot. This resets all your location settings and user preferences.

    If possible after the hard reset, let the unit sit outdoors in the open for about 30 minutes or so to let the unit re-acquire the satellite almanac data.

    You have now performed a hard reset of your Garmin Nuvi 250 GPS unit.

    I hope that helps.


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      Robbie, did you ever find a fix? It appears the same thing has happened to me, I get to the garmin logo and it will stick there for hours if left alone. They want essentially the whole price of the product for a repair :/


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        I assume this is the same problem you've posted elsewhere? This thread goes back to 2010 so I'm closing it, please pursue your query where you originally raised it. Thanks.
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