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    I saw this in another thread, so I can't take credit, but how about adding the feature in Basecamp and the various GPS units to transfer routes / waypoints and such via Bluetooth instead of a USB cable.

    Also saw a thread in another forum about Magellan coming out with a new GPS with that feature.

    I have a new RV 760 and am concerned with the longevity of the USB connection to the GPS with repeated use.

    Just throwing it out there ...

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    It'd be interesting to know what Bluetooth profile these GPS units use. I suspect its the serial profile. Now BC dropped serial support some time ago. However MapSource supports serial devices (as does some 3rd party software) so you should be able to use Bluetooth SPP devices with it.

    PS: I have a Bluetooth dongle for my 76CSx but it only supports NMEA (out) mode. Still it allows me to use that GPS with my (old) PDA.
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