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BaseCamp 3.3.1 (New Features)

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  • BaseCamp 3.3.1 (New Features)

    BaseCamp 3.3.1 has been released, it is available for download at It should also be available via auto-update from an earlier version of BaseCamp.

    This is a localized release, so it is available in 22 languages.

    This is the first release that will feature an online help, that is why the download size of the installer is quite a bit smaller than it used to be.

    Also new with this release is are some beginner videos that will explain some of BaseCamp's basic functionality. You can get to them from the new Welcome page from within BaseCamp, or by visiting

    Changes from 3.2.2 to 3.3.1:
    • Added collapsible list folders and sub-lists for improved organization.
    • Added shaping point support for zumo devices like done in MapSource.
    • Added explicit support for shaping points. These will be transferred to supporting devices.
    • Added support for transfer of waypoint categories on supporting devices. These are displayed in BaseCamp as lists.
    • Added more activity profiles, with improved activity routing on supported maps.
    • Added specific avoidances for various road classes, removed the road selection slider.
    • Added custom activity profiles.
    • Added keyboard short-cuts for editing tools (divide, insert, erase).
    • Added a tools menu for easier discovery of tool keyboard shortcuts.
    • Changed to make GPX files on a memory card directly editable.
    • Changed to read all GPX files on a memory card, similar to how devices behave.
    • Improved graphing of track data.
    • Improved graphing when multiple routes or tracks are selected.
    • Improved layout of geotagged photo, waypoint, route, and track properties.
    • Added additional statistics to route and track properties.
    • Added 'Center on map' check-box on route and track dialogs.
    • Added an easier way to add waypoints to routes (Insert Waypoint button).
    • Added additional data fields to waypoints (such as address and phone number).
    • Added display and updating of date last modified for waypoints.
    • Added display of lists that contain this data item to properties.
    • Added receiving geocache visits from devices.
    • Added logging geocache visits on
    • Added printing of geocaches.
    • Added alternate notification mechanism (less annoying pop-ups).
    • Added display settings to adjust width of routes and tracks.
    • Added support for importing waypoints and tracks from KML/KMZ files.
    • Added suggested file name when exporting (so it isn't always 'untitled').
    • Added more map details for higher detail setting.
    • Added data filters to map view.
    • Added preserving the dialog size for each data type.
    • Added option to reset track's altitude to map data.
    • Added functionality to remember display feature settings per profile.
    • Changed 'Remove List and Contents' to 'Remove list and unique contents'.
    • Added Shift-Delete short-cut for 'Remove list and unique contents'.
    • Added a confirmation dialog for 'Remove list and unique contents'.
    • Added hiding of Activity profiles.
    • Added creating OpenCaches from waypoints.
    • Added calculating ascent and descent for direct routes.
    • Added indication of data filter visibility state on the data list.
    • Added recalculation of more than 1 route at a time.
    • Improved printing of routes and tracks.
    • Change to prevent property dialogs becoming lost off screen after screen resolution changes.
    • Fixed issues with sending routes to the zumo.
    • Update waypoint references to new map data when recalculating routes.
    • Fixed any profiles from BaseCamp 3.2 that have invalid routing preferences (ie invalid vehicle types and incorrect avoidances).
    • Fixed issue writing out altitude when exporting to the GDB file format.
    • Fixed track filtering 'automatic mode' for tracks with no time information.
    • Fixed elevation profile labels for Windows XP (no longer invisible).
    • Fixed issue when duplicating a route. BaseCamp will now also duplicate the waypoints in that route.
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    I will try something new this time and give a more detailed overview of the changes in the new version.

    Added collapsible list folders and sub-lists for improved organization

    This feature already existed in the Mac version of BaseCamp before. Now you will have access to it on the PC as well.

    List folders are a way to have multi-level lists. List folders can only contain lists, not actual data like waypoints, track, etc. Lists can contain data, of course.

    That should make managing lists and data quite a bit easier.

    Shaping point support

    Shaping points (or unannounced via points) are what we call points in a route that are not waypoints, but only used to shape the route the way you like it. Shaping points will also not be announced on the device when you pass them.
    MapSource had limited support for this, if you created a waypoint directly on an intersection, most devices would regard this as a shaping point. This was more of a side-effect though, nothing that we really planned for.

    With BaseCamp 3.3, we add explicit support for shaping points, you will be able to tell BaseCamp if a route point is a destination or a shaping point. BaseCamp will write out special data in the generated file that we send to the devices so the device will know to treat the point as a shaping point. There should be full support for this in future devices. In the mean-time you should be able to create shaping points similarly like in MapSource, on intersections and set them to shaping points. It should be possible to import GDB files from MapSource and BaseCamp should detect whether points are shaping points or not.

    Added support for transfer of waypoint categories on supporting devices

    When transferring waypoints to devices that support categories (lots of Nuvis, and many others), the devices will recognize which lists each waypoint was in and assign the list name as category. So if you have a waypoint in 2 lists 'Food' and 'Vacation 2012' in BaseCamp, it will show up in the categories 'Food' and 'Vacation 2012' on your device.

    Similarly, if you have a waypoint on the device that has the category 'Hotels', and transfer that waypoint to BaseCamp, the waypoint will be in the 'Hotels' list in BaseCamp. If the list doesn't exist, BaseCamp will create it for you.

    To help you see which lists a waypoint (or route, track etc.) is in, we added a tab to the properties dialog that displays which lists (if any) an item is in.
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      Activity profile and routing changes

      We added more activity profiles, in preparation for maps that will support routing based on activity (mountain-bikers might want different routes that road bikers).

      You will now be able to add custom profiles, and you can hide profiles you are not interested in.

      You can now adjust which map features you want to display for each profile. Future map products will also draw the map differently, depending which activity you have selected (e.g. we would draw highways less prominent if the activity is mountain-biking).

      We made some routing changes under the hood to support activity routing. The road selection slider is gone, to make up for it we added more specific avoidances. This is also the way the devices are going. We are working with the device teams trying to make sure route settings match and routes are as similar as possible between BaseCamp and the device. This is an ongoing effort.

      More keyboard short-cuts for tools

      As requested, we added keyboard short-cuts for move, insert and divide. We also added a Tools menu that makes discovering these short-cuts easy. The former Tools menu is now Utilities (just like in MapSource, yay).
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        Better support for memory cards

        BaseCamp can now change data on memory cards directly (notice the folder for the Memory card in the screen-shot is yellow, not gray). It will also read and let you edit any GPX file on your memory card. Additionally, we will display which device a memory card is connected to, so you don't have to guess which card is the one in your device.

        Improved graphs

        You can now select which graphs you want to display (elevation, heart rate, cadence, speed). You can display 2 at a time.

        When looking at more than one track at the same time (select more than one track, right-click, 'Properties'), we improved the display of the comparison graph.
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          The new track dialog

          We improved the display of the statistics, and added more statistics (like time moving). The statistics will now be displayed in neat boxes at the top, not cramped into the bottom like before.

          We also added a 'Center on map' check-box. If you have that box checked, BaseCamp will follow your track point selection on the map. This is another feature that MapSource had which we are porting over to BaseCamp.

          The notes/comments and the links appear in a new tab, which is also where you can add file and web links. Added new links is also more straight-forward, no double-clicking necessary, we added simple buttons.

          The new route dialog

          The new route dialog offers a lot more information once you have the 'More info' box checked. We broke out the via-point list and directions lists into two tabs, added columns and statistics. You also have the 'Center on Map' check-box just like on the track page.

          Adding waypoints to a route was cumbersome. We added a + button that allows you to select waypoints from a list to conveniently insert waypoints into your route.

          We also added buttons to expose functionality that was hidden behind context menus before (Invert, Create Track from Route, Print).
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            The new waypoint dialog

            We display address and phone number information for each waypoint now (if available). We also display the date each waypoint was last updated.

            There are also tabs for which lists a waypoint belongs to (which corresponds to categories when sent to a device), and the same notes tabs that routes and tracks have.

            The new photo dialog

            Geotagged photos are displayed much nicer in BaseCamp 3.3. You see a bigger version of the photo, not just a small thumbnail. You can also browse through the photos in a list by simply using the arrow buttons, as well as save photos directly from the properties dialog.

            Geocache/ improvements

            We will now read the geocache visits file from your Garmin outdoor device and note the visit if you have that Geocache in 'My Collection'. If you found an OpenCache, we will offer to log that visit to

            You can now print GeoCaches (using the main menu's 'Print' functionality).
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              Added alternate notification mechanism

              We chose to display less annoying pop-ups, but give the user notifications under the tool bar, that you are free to ignore.

              Added display settings to adjust width of routes and tracks

              Much blood has been shed over how wide tracks should be displayed on the map in BaseCamp. For some they were too wide, for others they were too thin.

              Now you can adjust track and route width to your heart's content. This is a global setting, so all tracks will have the same width, you cannot set it for each track individually.

              Added support for importing waypoints and tracks from KML/KMZ files

              BaseCamp only used to be able to import Ground Overlays out of KMZ files. Now we will also import waypoints and tracks.

              Added more map details for higher detail setting

              In an attempt to alleviate some of the issues of not seeing enough map details when zooming out on certain maps, you can crank up the detail setting very high now and should see more details. WARNING: this will be really slow if you are attempting to view a map in the highest detail if it has a lot of data (like viewing CN North America at New York e.g.).
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                Added data filters to map view

                Quite a few people have expressed the desire to use data filters in the map view as well. So we added it.

                Changed remove behavior

                There was some confusion about what 'Remove' and 'Remove list and contents' did. (Remove keeps the data in my collection, and only removes it from a list, the other option deletes the data). There was also an issue with 'Remove list and contents' removing items that resided in other lists than the one removed. So we decided to change the 'Remove list and contents' behavior to 'Remove list and unique contents'. You can be sure now if you delete one list that you do not accidentally delete data in a different list.

                For easier access we added a Shift-Delete short-cut for the 'Delete' and 'Remove list and unique contents' options.

                REMINDER: Delete gets rid of the data (short-cut: Shift-Del), Remove takes it out of the list but keeps it in 'My Collection' (short-cut: Del).

                Fixed elevation profile labels for Windows XP (no longer invisible)

                Text on Elevation profiles on Windows XP should now be visible again! Turns out white text on white background is not very easy to recognize.

                Fixed issue when duplicating a route

                BaseCamp will now also duplicate all waypoints in a route when the route is duplicated. This should get rid of the issue of users duplicating a route and then changing a waypoint in one route without noticing that they were also changing the other.
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                  The above posts are already known to everyone who followed the and Betas. Some of the screenshots would look slightly different in 3.3.1 because we updated some of the icons, but I hope it's close enough to not cause any confusion.

                  I'd like to elaborate on a few more things, route options and route recalculation:

                  How to set route options

                  As mentioned before, the route options have changed quite a bit:

                  You can adjust the settings for a route in a few different ways:

                  1. You can edit the appropriate profile. So if you want to change the routing for all Automotive routes, hit Ctrl-O to open the Preferences, chose Activity Profile on the left pane, pick Automotive in the drop-down and make your changes. Changes will affect ALL routes with the Automotive profile (BaseCamp will prompt to recalculate these routes.)
                  2. You can create a custom profile for your preferred setting. So if you'd like to keep the Automotive profile for day to day route planning, but wanted to create a Scenic profile, hot Ctrl-O, Activity Profile, hit +, create a new custom profile based on the Automotive one and set it to avoid interstates and major highways. Now any route that you create and pick the Scenic profile for will use those settings.
                  3. If you just want to change the route options for one route without touching any activity profiles, go to the route's properties and pick 'None' as activity profile. That will lead you to the Route Options tab that will only affect routing for this particular route.

                  Route recalculation

                  We added the possibility to recalculate more than one route at a time. Select any number of routes, right-click, Advanced, 'Recalculate Selected Route(s)'.

                  This is especially handy if you have a bunch of routes in your collection and just got a map update, for example. You can recalculate all routes with just a few clicks, instead of having to do it for each route separately.

                  The next piece only applies to devices that do not recalculate routes they receive from BaseCamp (like Zumos). We will now update the map information for each route via point when recalculating a route. So hopefully you won't have issues anymore with sending a route that was created using City Navigator 2012.2 to a device that uses City Navigator 2012.3, as long as you make sure to recalculate the route before sending it to the device.
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                    Downloaded 3.3.1 to my PC running XP and laptop running Win 7. No problem on the XP but when I try to select File>Import on the Win 7 version Basecamp hangs, and task manager reports it not responding with a AppHangB1 error. Any help would be appreciated.

                    Apart from that 3.3.1 is a great improvement.
                    Currently own Drive 50LMT-D, Nuvi 2508LMT-D, Nuvi 1490LMT, Nuvi 1310, Montana 650T, Etrex 20, and use Basecamp, OSM mapping
                    Previously owned Etrex Legend H, Mio Navman and used Mapsource
                    (please note that I am not employed by Garmin, but am a long term user of Garmin software and hardware)


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                      Cannot install update

                      I too am experiencing an installation issue.

                      When I opened BaseCamp, the update message popped up. I acknowledged it. and partway through the install got the following message: "A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file: C:\windows\installer\bcmain.msi."

                      So, I uninstalled Basecamp and downloaded a full installation file. This time the message is: "You must be running Microsoft XP Service Pack 3 or greater to install this software. Installation will now exit."

                      My system is Win 7 64 bit.

                      Next I reinstalled the prior version and was led back into the error loops.


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                        Awesome posts! Thanks... rockin' with ver 3.3.1


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                          Just so it's no all gloom and doom, I'm on win 7 sp1 64-bit and the upgrade worked like a charm. Been heavily using the app most of today and only had one crash when attempting to delete a large number of track points. I sent the error report via the built-in method.


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                            What happens when you click on File>Import, does it work OK then?

                            Mine as posted above hangs with an AppHangB1 error.

                            Pain really as my XP PC version works fine yet not on my brand new Toshiba laptop running Win 7 .

                            It's not as though it has loads of stuff loaded either, I've hardly added anything since I bought it, and nothing that's not running on my XP PC.

                            I've run various registry checkers, uninstalled and re-installed BC but still no joy, and without the Import function working it limits its usefulness, so any help much appreciated.
                            Currently own Drive 50LMT-D, Nuvi 2508LMT-D, Nuvi 1490LMT, Nuvi 1310, Montana 650T, Etrex 20, and use Basecamp, OSM mapping
                            Previously owned Etrex Legend H, Mio Navman and used Mapsource
                            (please note that I am not employed by Garmin, but am a long term user of Garmin software and hardware)


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                              Missing Ascend and Descend

                              In the former version of BC a summary of ascend and descend of a planned route was available (planned with CN, switch over to Topo Spain V4 for graphical analyzing).
                              These parameters are now missing!
                              A very big PLEASE to get this functionality back!