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Basecamp won't download route unless I upgrade to

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  • Basecamp won't download route unless I upgrade to

    I've been refusing nags for some time because of the problems I had with it before I went back to 4.6.2. 4.6.2 has been working fine until today.

    Now when I try to download a route, it says "A newer version of Basecamp ( is available for download. Please download the latest version" then it closes.

    Is there a way to download a route to my 660 without using Basecamp.

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    I replied to your post on another forum on this but for completeness, I've not had issues like that and I'm still on 4.6.2

    As for installing routes without BaseCamp, assuming you have the gpx file you can just copy the file to the GPX folder on your device
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    (please note that I am not employed by Garmin, but am a long term user of Garmin software and hardware)


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      Thanks for the feedback in both places but as I said in the other forum, 4.6.2 worked just fine until today. Now it doesn't.


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        Other Garmin software checks for updates and refuses to function unless an update is installed. I know I've had Garmin Express do that.

        However as SUSSAMB said I've not had that issue with BC 4.6.2. That said perhaps Garmin changed something on their (server) end to try and force users to update to 4.7.0.

        If you have a software firewall you might try blocking BC from connecting to the internet (so it can't check for updates). That might work as a workaround.
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          I am using 4.6.2 and have no problem sending routes and waypoints to my RV770 or tracks to my Montana. I get the upgrade to 4.7.0 message every day I load BC.


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            I took the suggestion of using the firewall to block BC's internet access and now I can load the route onto my 660 that failed yesterday. THANKS!