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Trying to add way points to a Garmin Fenix 5

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  • Trying to add way points to a Garmin Fenix 5

    It is a bit cumbersome to add waypoints on the device so I have a backup of waypoints I use while running (Local parks with fountains, friends' houses, etc). I have a backup as a KMZ file and on my computer and what I would do with my fenix 3 was load up basecamp and 'drag and drop' the waypoints from my collection to the device. Now with the Fenix 5, basecamp will crash and not copy the waypoints over.

    Is there an easy and sucessful way to copy my waypoints over?

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    For the Edges, one can put a gpx file in "\Garmin\NewFiles" and the unit will convert the file.

    The gpx file could have waypoints or a track.

    I do something similar to what you do.

    I have a list of waypoints in BaseCamp. I export the list as a gpx file and copy it to the "\Garmin\NewFiles" folder on my device.
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      Ouf. I appreciate the tip (And it appears to work) but adding yet another step seems really frustrating. I swear I could do it before with the F3 (I still own it and I have the same problem now).