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Oregon 400i times out after 30 seconds and just turns off with USB

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  • Oregon 400i times out after 30 seconds and just turns off with USB

    When I connect my GPS to the computer, I get two messages that flash back and forth so quickly, I am unable to fully read or select yes or no. If I manage to select "go to mass storage" it allows my basecamp to see the maps and populate the area I'm interested in, but the "other message" that says something like external power source, will time out after 30 seconds blah blah blah, it flashes so fast, I cant read it all. Anyway, before I am able to make use of the basecamp application, the GPS times out and turns off and all the details on the map go away. WHAT!

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    Check the settings on your Oregon, there may be one that selects mass storage mode but as I don't have your model I can't check
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      The Oregon 400 model is about 8-9 years old now. It sounds like the USB connection in the GPS or the cord is faulty, making intermittent connection. Try a new or different USB cable and if still a problem, examine the USB port very closely - with a magnifying device if possible.