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Installing Maps on Computer for use in Basecamp

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  • Installing Maps on Computer for use in Basecamp

    Good Day:
    I live in North America and purchased the Micro SD Chip from my dealer with the Europe NT 2018.2 maps on it. If I put the chip into my GPS then plug the GPS into my computer, Basecamp recognizes the Europe map and allows me to design routes.

    However this is a pain as in order to sit at my computer and plan my summer trip routes, I have to go down to my car, get my GPS, change chips to the Europe Chip, then I can work.

    How do I "install" the Europe Map on my Computer so that I can work without having to run to the car for the GPS every time?

    I figure that if I can work on the North American maps without the GPS being plugged in, I should at least be able to work on the Europe Maps in the same manner. Hard Drive Space is NOT an issue as I have lots of space.

    Install advice would be appreciated.

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    If you read the details on maps on sd cards you'll see that one of the limitations is that they can't be installed to your PC for BaseCamp to use. However you can copy the files to another sd card or memory stick and BaseCamp will then read the files from that without the need for you to plug in your GPS, or as you suggest the card is not permanently installed in your GPS just use that if you have a card reader for your PC.
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