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Windows 7 - nuvi 265W - Unrecognized USB Connection

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  • Windows 7 - nuvi 265W - Unrecognized USB Connection

    Good evening,

    I hope someone can help me, and if this has already been answered before I apologize. I may not be searching for the right string.

    I have a nuvi 265W that I have been able to plug into my USB port fine and update until this last major map update/software update I plug my nuvi in and it's not able to be recognized. I then tried to trouble shot thinking it was my Windows 7 laptop by plugging it into another stand alone Windows XP machine with the same outcome... Device not recognized.

    I have installed the drivers suggested on Still did not work.

    I then went into my device manager, where it lists "Unknown Device" I tried to update drivers by searching the internet, no go. I uninstalled the driver, unplugged and plugged the device back in, still "Unknown Device." I even went so far as to extract the .exe file into a separate folder and see the USB drivers for both win 64 and win 32 which both said that the Unknown Driver was the best one to use with this device.

    I have rebooted both the windows 7 and windows XP computers, as well as, plugged, unplugged, and replugged in the nuvi device with the same outcome.

    Unknown Device, unable to install and unable to find the device to scan for map and software updates.

    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much!

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    Have you tried a different cable? If it has a card in it, take that out.

    You do not need any drivers. It works as a normal USB drive.

    Next step would be to try a hard reset on the Nuvi.


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      Yes I've tried several different cables along with clean installs of Windows 7 and XP. So i think that a hard reset is definitely in order. No, I do not use a SD card, but something tells me I should start incase I have problems like this again. thank you for your reply!